my past days have been ALL about food…
-learning to bake bread for mmd
-eating out when visitors came around:
      – rudy’s for mon dinner
      – juan in a million tues lunch
      – little thai food tues dinner
      – ken’s donuts tues dessert (gordough’s was under maintenance)
      – juicytart tues..late snack…
      – home slice wed lunch
      – coolhaus wed lunch..dessert…
-baking with the roomie! =)
      – really cool-looking flammable strawberry-topped chocolate cupcakes (with chocolate frosting)
      – (secret: apparently bacardi 151 is really strong [> 100% proof? ..not that i know what that means], so i was advised to dump the alcohol before eating the strawberry + cupcake, which i definitely did)
..also, my roomie said she planned her DT experience on her bday this year around me, so i’d have fun. part of me is “aww” just because that’s really nice of her. another part is more “aw man” because well, that means i can’t back out. and it might not be fun for my roomie’s other friends =


now to eat some leftovers before i go home tomorrow morning =)
was supposed to leave fri, but thurs negotiations was pushed back to monday night. debated about leaving today, but didn’t pack in time – and was really tired – and was afraid i’d miss the spurs game if i left late (btw they’re UP!). also, if i had left this afternoon, my roomie and i wouldn’t have made the burning cupcakes! so timing is very important..
i’m sad i’ll miss our last “real”/”official” sg tmrw night (TRUTH!), but..yeah..

waking up fri morning to watch the wedding!! if my mom won’t watch with me, my friend(s) will! hah.


goooood week!!
though my visitors didn’t provide me with great convos and instead enjoyed sleeping =(
that’s ok, i enjoy yalls company anyway. we should all like people for who they are, in spite of their faults ;P