if i died tonight, i would die happy.

gary neal is the spur of the moment, saving the spurs with the most amazing buzzer beater i’ve ever seen (well i’m biased, but who cares????)
i wonder if any fans left the at&t center right before the two great shots, to avoid seeing the end of the season..but i’m assuming that since this was potentially the FINAL game for the season, people stuck it through – and were GREATLY rewarded =)

after a fantastic second quarter, the third quarter was sorely disappointing, but i guess the last seconds of the fourth quarter more than made up for it..
i’m hoping this SHOT turns around the entire series, but it’ll be hard at the fedex stadium without a better, four-quarter (or more)-consistent, offense.

as it is, i’m glad we lived to see another day.

gary neal didn’t just save the spurs, he prolonged my sports-team-seasons, after much disappointment from the Longhorns.




i spent 6min (bball-time, around 30min real-time) just staring at the tv screen, real-time commenting to a friend, refreshing facebook to find solace in fellow fans…breathing slower than usual, heart racing faster than usual….arms feeling funny – i can’t explain the feeling, i would say numb, but it’s not really. just..weird. adrenaline-filled blood i guess.

well then, time to pack happy, sleep happy, wake up happy, drive happy all the way home.

good night. fantastic night. relieving night.

alright i’ll stop now.