UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what is with my sports teams this year…

first UT football,
then UT basketball,

now the SPURS too. WHY WHY WHY. dumb.


it’s one thing to give fans some hope and hang on till the very end – it’s quite another to be BLOWN OUT by the #8 seed.
so ok, we’re back in san antonio for the next game. we win that one, bring it up to 3-2. and guess what? its BACK IN MEMPHIS.

if the team doesn’t get it together and tighten up on defense (for all FOUR QUARTERS – i kept seeing splitter guarding someone a few feet from the basket while someone else dunked right behind him -_-) and offense (really jefferson? 0 points? did you leave your game in new jersey?), we’ll be the 4th #1 seed to get knocked off by the #8 seed in the 7 game series. how nice. after having a great under-the-radar but overachieving regular season, that’s a really bad way to exit the playoffs. but the odds are definitely against us; only a handful of teams have overcome a 1-3 deficit. SIGH.


i had a really good morning too….woke up early, excited about guests, excited about cleaning the room, excited about having a clean room…. haha. excited about hanging out and having fun without stressing much (if any), excited about good food. excited about friends 🙂
and now……….sigh.

i guess the silver lining in this is that despite the gloom that has settled over my head due to this game, i’m definitely feeling a lot better than i would normally following such a bad game with major negative implications (bye bye spurs, early exit doom) just bc of visitors haha. <-there’s your shout-out, sorry i’m not more specific =P
so whenever you read this….i enjoy yalls company, so don’t be boring and let’s have good convos! =)