china this summer?

i haven’t been for the past 3 years..or maybe 2, i don’t remember bc yeah, it’s been that long.
kinda nervous, it seems like a spur of the moment decision. but everytime i leave, i want to go back, so hopefully this is the right decision.


LAST practicum class was today! ordered 2 dz tiff treat cookies for my group =)
using up a little more of my bevo bucks, but at this rate i think i’ll still have leftovers..
then again, i’m supposed to be catching up and catching meals with a bunch of people i’ve ignored while studying for that dumb test this past monday.
and i’m also supposed to be studying for the other sections too haha. as well as preparing for potentially retaking it.
but i wanna rest for the rest of this week, at least.

today was actually somewhat busy – surprisingly. stayed on campus from 2-8pm bc of a group negotiation meeting..hopefully it goes well and both sides work something out on thursday!
speaking of negotiations..
we played cards in class today, as a lesson on cultural differences.
his real-life experience example touched on the differences between northerners and southerners.

apparently, when he taught in the north, he had to interrupt his class all the time, or else it was like he “wasn’t even there. [he’d] be a useless professor.”
when he applied the same tactics his first year at UT, however, he received cold stares from his students, who considered it disrespectful and an affront to them personally.
in the faculty circles, the same thing happened. northerners were apparently used to telling each other directly when they disagreed with a fellow professor’s views.
…but when he did that at UT, “they considered it a personal attack, as if i had insulted them individually, and their moms, and dads, and families, and children….”
he also told us of a few differences between bostonians and new yorkers (surprisingly the “warmer” of the two)

i think i like it better down in the south =)


oh. five classes (2 out-of-class negotiations, 1 in-class negotiation, 2 lecture classes) and one paper left.
leaving college behind is gonna be weirddddd