ok now i’m ridiculously posting, after random xanga hiatus-es (i tend to add the dash whenever i’m not sure of spelling haha, since people can take it as i’m emphasizing something or another, or just trying to make it sound different..) maybe because once i have that blogging mindset, my brain is all about, “oh, can this thought be something to blog about?”
a little like when i used to post up facebook pictures – at that time, every photo was taken with the mindset of, “what would the caption to this look like?”
people-pleasing desires? perhaps.


anyway, today’s been the first “free” day i’ve had in awhile – that i can remember, at least. nothing overly big is due immediately, though i still have to work on some school stuff..
of course, that immediately leads me to think of what in the world i used to do to fill up my empty days. thankfully, i realized i haven’t had a stress-less, really free day since before february. and i’m sure at that time my mind was still consumed with thoughts of potentially studying, school, and the like, even if i didn’t always (if ever) act on those thoughts.

something that popped up earlier today was a wonder of how easily moods can change, how easily swayed one’s mind can be. in one snapshot: everywhere i hear see, good things are happening. my friends are amazing. what hasn’t happened yet means it’s just yet to come. and the outcome can always be a blessing. the snapshot a second, an hour, a day later: life seems a little quiet. nothing’s happening. why do i feel like i’m marooned in the desert somewhere out there? i remain the same, as everyone continues to move on. hrm.
maybe this is the time i can learn something from my thoughts, my ever-changing mentalities. not exactly sure what it is, but i’m thinking positively about it =)

or maybe this just goes to show that my mentality doesn’t always reflect the true picture. because five minutes after feeling potentially marooned, well, that’s just not the case.


God is Good…all the time.
All the time…God is Good.