oh God, your timing, may i say, is humorous.

but thank You anyway.


i could have gone to sleep much earlier.
i could have gone to sleep right after.
i could have avoided googlereader.
then again, who am i to thwart perfect timing?



IML (in my life):
-SPURS wrap up #1 seed (won 60th game yesterday while lakers lost 3rd in a row to warriors). but bulls all but wrapped up #1 in east, so i’m not sure if spurs have home court all the way yet..
-nikita is back! grey’s came back for two weeks, and left after the first musical episode (was weird, thought i enjoyed a few songs. but doctors singing while everyone else pretends not to hear is just..weird), not sure when it’s back. himym was also on a hiatus for awhile, coming back on monday. same for glee, but on tuesday. and then the monday after, gossip girl =) this is after pretty little liars ended their first season, and greek ended for good =( i also caught the last episode of top chef, where richard blais beat out mike isabella, and then watched as some contestants were put on the spot on the reunion show (very entertaining).
-career is uncertain, still, but rather than my previous “life works out,” i’ve taken to saying and believing that “the best is yet to come.” it’d be nice if “yet to come” meant “coming tomorrow,” but i’ll be patient and learn trust in the meantime.
-i’m trying, but it’s still very hard.
-learning to be less self-centered is also on my list. and to be kinder in words, actions, and thoughts.
-restaurant week is right after FAR, and will probably cause me to miss GG’s return. i’m hoping (and praying) that i won’t be crying through dinner…
-He is good.

-iforgot. i keep hearing, in the area of wall next to and above my bed, noises in the morning/afternoons. if i had to describe it, i would eloquently portray a bird flying and finding itself stuck in a metal pipe. every day. however, my mind can’t help but think of last year, when people discovered the building had a tiny issue…with rats. rumor has it, that one individual even found himself staring at a dead specimen that appeared in his air vent. now i glance over at my vent from time to time, but there are just rows of tiny rectangles, so really, how would that even work? but it’s not so hard to imagine rat nails scuttering in place of the fluttering of bird wings…
-one more month.