for a non-storied, more practical update:

after getting a haircut on our first day here, i’ve spent much of my time going furniture shopping with my mom and her friend. again. this is like last year, repeated. deja vu.
now that we’ve moved back to our apartment, i no longer have the luxury of wi-fi on my phone – or even plain old internet access. i only get online when i’m at my grandparents’.

the weather’s alright. more rainy than i’d like, but then again the rain brings cooler weather and breezes galore. so it’s alright =)

it definitely feels like the summer, because i haven’t been here at other times since i was 7 and we thought we were moving back here for good. that was the year i skipped more than half of 2nd grade in Brownsville to come back to 1st grade – and a very very tough 6 months. my mom tells me this will be the first time i’ll be in the country for my birthday since i celebrated my 4th year of life. it’ll also be my first birthday on an airplane, but that means i’ll spend it around the world, pretty much, starting in one continent/country and ending it in another. the only place i’ll miss out on is the philippines and the west coast.

awesome? i think so =)

we’re here for a few more days, and i’ll spend it trying to eat whatever’s left on my list. and trying to find things to buy home.

sadly, i’m starting to realize just how much stuff i have to do when i get back to austin. responsibilities, how i wish i were free of you. time goes by superquickly when there is nothing to do 😉