i feel a lot like this

the bad: texas’s last game tonight. GO HORNS! sad that i won’t get to see it…PLEASE win tonight! go out in victory =)
the good: SPURS absolutely creamed the heat last night. 30 point win. raining 3s all the way. and parker came back after less than a week, instead of the diagnosed “out one month”

the great: i’m off to singapore in about 3 hours. flight’s not until 3ish, but we gotta get to the airport! and march movies include a bunch of oscar movies (true grit, black swan, king’s speech), as well as tangled, narnia 3, love/other drugs (but i watched part of it and got disturbed so maybe i’ll just skip to the end and watch that), burlesque…i don’t remember the others. but there were a BUNCH of movies. i’m happy =) i’m sure there are also a lot more that aren’t labeled as “new” but i’d still want to watch. black swan isn’t something i’d wanna watch ordinarily (bc i’m not a suspense/thriller fan), but it’s free, good quality, and i’ll be sure to sandwich it in between two feel good/sappy/chick-flick types to make myself feel better afterwards hahah

the trouble is fitting everything in, i guess, but i’ve got two 22/23-hr flights to work it all out. this is what i spend the first 10-15 min of every long-distance flight i’m on doing….ranking movies i wanna watch, writing them all down,and crossing them off when i’m done. from previous experience, i can cram about 5-6 movies per leg of the trip, if i don’t sleep.
and i’m working off of 8+ hours of sleep – even better!

oh and singapore food. not sure what i wanna eat when i get back, but i’m sure i’ll be happy =)
apparently my grandma called the house at 630am today, asking my mom what she should get ready and buy so the waiting for us when we arrived =)

coming back on the 18th (around 3pm) – spending a lot of my 22nd bday on the plane, but guess what? this just means i have +12 hours of birthday! (taking into consideration the -1 hour for daylight savings on march 13).. so having 36 hrs of bday isn’t so bad. and i’ll get to watch a bunch of movies, so all’s good!

cya later, all.