woke up at 645 (so early!!!) for project 2011.
i like driving, so it wasn’t that big a deal to pick up some people and give them a ride..and i got to meet new people =)
one of my dislikes, though, was that we pretty much woke up that early because there was a lineup of speakers for the “opening ceremony” – but i guess it was necessary for sponsorships and whatnot.
the actual volunteering at walnut creek park was alright. a little slow to get into it (shoveling/spreading out mulch), but the people made it more enjoyable haha. and i don’t mind labor, especially since it wasn’t very intensive. it’s like busy work. you’re productive without having to think too much.

volunteering ended early because we ran out of stuff to do (i’m guessing..i was actually just getting into a conversation with someone i was working with – i mentioned i came as part of aacm, and she asked if i knew some architecture majors. then i asked if she was a christian or was affiliated with any religion/faith. she [after a short pause] stated that she wasn’t, but was interested in learning about all faiths, taking UT classes on christianity and something else (i forget which)…but then i was called out by two fellow sg-members telling me we could leave – apparently they had been calling out for awhile, but i was too deaf to hear..)
i like getting to know people better =)
and the whole anonymous, so more personal thing is pretty cool too. that, and some people are just automatic relaxed about sharing potentially personal things, so that’s cool too.

ate at juan in a million with my car, marco’s car, and melissa’s car. more sg bonding time haha.
i think i’m starting to play favs with sg people though…..i feel like i click better with some personalities..on the one hand, i’m glad i’m not the sg leader, but on the other, i’m hoping to mesh relatively well with as many people as i can. bc favs isn’t fair..

came back, and UT men’s bball put a damper into my pretty stellar day.
i had checked the score, and UT was beating colorado by double digits at halftime.
after fbing and reading a few articles online, i decided it was time to take a nap.
but before i went to nap, i wanted to see if the game was on tv – it wasn’t. followed up by checking on the score once more, just to see if the game was over.

we ended up losing by 2 points. to unranked colorado. after losing to unranked nebraska. should i be grateful we beat unranked iowa state at home in between? i’m not sure…

bye bye #1 seed at the ncaa tourney…

i was SO FRUSTRATED with the team. yes, i know i’m nowhere near as good as them, but this just reminds me of last year. painful memories of last year, when we were all extremely excited and surprised by our ??-0 start. our #1 ranking in january.
and we followed that up by dropping most of our remaining games, and falling out of the rankings altogether. then followed that up by losing in the first round of the tournament…
after winning games against tough big12 teams this season, i thought it was all in the past. but i guess not.

kansas state (who just beat #20 missouri) on monday is the last home game this season. my last home game, after watching 5 seasons of UT basketball.
hopefully we pull off a win.

then knocked out for almost 2 hours..woke up and it was extremely dark.


i think i’ve become a little less hermit-y these past few days….i credit it to all the sg activities we’ve done since thursday haha. i’m sure they’ll appreciate it as well, seeing as i talked about being a loner/hermit a few weeks ago.. at the very least i’ve regained some excitement over chatting with people online again =)

other than this last part, i’m not sure why i just typed out all this…it’s the stuff i usually scribble in my journal, to remind myself of the day. i guess this just brings variety to this very ancient blog.