i think one way my life would improve at the moment is if, instead of meaningless superficialities, my friends and i could easily converse about faith, religion, spirituality…random questions that we thought of, random moments we had during the day, issues we were facing, etc.
there used to be one person back in the day with whom i would discuss at length about these issues, but then we kind of just..went our separate ways. my fault.

not sure why it’s become more pressing now, but sometimes when i find myself chatting with others, i realize i don’t have much to say..and then conversations sputter, stall..there are more periods of silence than there are of speaking.


musing: why do i not take the initiative, then?
i’m not sure..afraid of the results, i guess?
not being taken seriously, not getting responses, not having that connection – realizing it, and then realizing that some friendships may be shakier and less stable than i would like to let myself think…




i didn’t do much today (nothing new there). IM bball this afternoon, our team came back after being down a BUNCH. thought it would be a blowout at the beginning, but our guys started making shots, and we came back =) i think it was also a result of the other team not having girls to switch in and out like we were fortunate enough to have – i get tired after 5min running up and down the court. the other team’s girls had to do it a LOT longer..
wanted to go to pluckers for dinner, but there were too many people waiting, so ended up at koreanos (coreanos? *shrug*) – it was alright..burrito had fries instead of rice. i think i still prefer chipotle though.


7 days before singapore. dang, not bad at all…