what i thought would be a busy day turned out to be a pretty nice, relaxing one =)


to start off with some blessings..

began the day volunteering at the work force tax center – my shift was supposed to end at 1230, but there was a folder waiting at around 1210, and i didn’t have anything to do. that, and i didn’t really have to be back on campus until 2, so a little longer wouldn’t hurt.
i ended up finishing the return a little after 1, so then i got a little worried… i was supposed to call a lady from TI who had been trying to contact me since Tuesday about a phone interview sometime between 1-130 (we finally found a good time when we talked for a minute yesterday morning), so i decided i would call her from the car, instead of driving back and calling her then.
LUCKILY (God blessing #1!) she had called me a few minutes before and left an apologetic voicemail saying that she had to work from home today, and asked if I could call her back to schedule the phone interview – so everything worked out =)

God blessing #2: [sounds disgusting, but still] – on the way to volunteer, a nasty splatter of bird poop just plopped onto the top of my windshield, right in the middle of my view. yuck. i wasn’t sure how to get it off, and left it there to figure out later. when i came out, the sun had returned after a bout of rain, which cleaned up most of the fecal matter. i used my wipers to swipe away the rest of it =)

got home, rushed to class – found out my roommate was going to be in boston until sunday, which is cool with me bc i usually blast music when i’m alone in the apartment – incidentally, that’s what i’m doing at the moment..
negotiations is always enjoyable when everyone speaks of their experiences during the previous negotiation (and i actually spoke in class today..)

got to talk with a friend for a little bit after class..


rested for a bit when i got back to the apt (ate lunch, caught up with PLL), took a 15min nap, headed to NFS, where i met up with other sg-ers

and God blessing #3: hanging out with people afterwards, despite my initial somewhat-reluctant-ness.
i really enjoy times when a group of ~4-6/7/8/etc people just get to chill and talk about whatever. convos go from one topic to another, sometimes randomly, sometimes with a purpose. and it’s casual, no pressure, fun. well, most of the time.. other times it gets awkward – but things are only awkward if you think they are =)

God blessing #3.5: walking back home. it was a continuation of hanging out and talking randomness, but at the same time it was the first time in awhile where i got to just walk. enjoy the weather. enjoy my surroundings. look up at the stars in the night sky. it was peaceful.
i keep telling myself to wake up earlier, walk around campus, listen to music, hang out with God..like i used to back when i lived in jester (which, btw, has changed a BUNCH since my fish year). but i’m a superb excuse-finder. and half the time i don’t sleep or wake up in time, so my plans come to naught.


found another super-facebooker haha. reminded me of fish year….all fun and hardly any worries on my mind.
[i sound old]

3 more months. gotta make the most of them.


+ singapore in a week. senior+ year, time to live it up (again)