friendships, Christian friendships, and genuine fellowship.

i really want to be more intentional in turning friendships to fellowship.
and i really need to be more intentional in spending time with my Creator.



i mean, if..Justin Bieber (bc for whatever insane reason, the whole world has succumbed to Bieber Fever) was in town, and you happened to spot him across the street, and he was nice enough to carry a conversation with you, and you somehow made a good impression, so he decided he wanted to be your friend, and everytime he’s in town he gives you a call to hang out…

would you say “oh maybe tomorrow”, “oh yeah sure!…but not now” you make time for him, a famous young kid who’s popular with everyone now ( why? i’m confused about our nation/the world), because he’s bestowed upon you the honor of being your friend, because you’d be supercool to be able to hang out with him multiple times.


so this is a kid who has just gotten famous over the past year or two, a kid whose fame only lasts within this lifetime.
who is God? our Father, our friend, our Savior, our…well…everything. and He’s the one knocking on the door. and you’re the one keeping Him waiting for tomorrow. because there are tv shows to watch today. other friends to hang out with. endless time to wait.
make sense?


i don’t think so.