huh. i wonder how many people still receive the emails from xanga….though my subscription list shows otherwise, i’m assuming (and maybe hoping) that those who have “daily” listed next to their usernames have all canceled xanga. or messed with their own settings and turned off emails. without the changes showing on my page. merely hopeful thinking? or reality?

any way to find out?


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  1. cindieee717

    yay finally im able to post a comment!!! i still do receive emails but only when ppl post something, which is pretty rare now. i edited whoever subscribed to me because it’s so different and i don’t want ppl that i don’t talk to are still reading my xanga…well i don’t post anything anymore anyway =p don’t be discouraged or feel like you are wasting your life. i think it’s good to reflect who we are ourselves from time to time but don’t beat yourself down. you’re a good person and definitely not selfish, greedy, or ungrateful! even if i don’t share the same religious background as you, i know a good person when i see one. you are the only person that is the most sincere, kind, and unselfish i have met so far. don’t be scared! we all are scared of who we are and what this life that is ours supposed to live…be confident of who you are and know your blessings. you are doing great šŸ™‚


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