for supposedly a regular work day, today has been really..abnormal.

it started when i waited 20min for a cab to get to work. last friday, i thought of crossing the street before waiting for a cab, since it seemed like most cabs going in that direction were empty. and it worked. i crossed the street, turned around, and flagged down a cab immediately.

so i tried it again today. unfortunately….i picked the wrong spot to stand, and ended up waiting for 15min before an empty cab finally pulled up next to me. but little did i know…the driver was awesome! instead of getting me to the client’s office in the normal 25-30min (due to morning traffic, etc), he managed to get me there in 10-15min =)


so i got to the office at 9:15am, and realized that…i was the only one here.
o.O what… usually i’m the 3rd or 4th person on my team since i always underestimate the time i’d need to get a cab.. and then i end up at the office around 9:25-9:30am. but the earliest person usually arrives at 8:30am, with everyone else arriving at around 9am…


apparently not today? so i just sat around for 5 min, wandering about, looking for my missing stationery and reclaiming a new-looking box of ring reinforcers that could potentially be mine..sneaking two pictures of the area where we work =)

and even after everyone else came in…i’ve had nothing to do today. i guess i’m lucky, but it’s a weird feeling to not be doing anything while everyone else is working.. i just feel bad because everyone’s so pressured and stressed except me… i’m never sure how often to ask (the line between being lazy and not asking and bugging people repeatedly while they’re working diligently), but whenever i’ve asked nobody’s had anything for me to do. i’ve basically been on yahoo! sports, facebook, gmail, and googlereader the entire work day.. with a few minutes of making copies, filing, looking for documents strewn in between… i don’t even think they know that i’m not doing anything..maybe it’s just slipped their minds haha. ah well.


now it’s past 6pm…maybe i should leave soon… whatta interesting day.


one more month.