just a few more hours before i’m supposed to be done packing, when we head to the airport…

i really hope i have some sort of convenient internet access while in asia. although with the time difference and set work hours (which mean somewhat set sleep hours), i’m not really sure how much i’ll get to communicate with people anyway. numerous emails? yes please. send me email updates, people! thanks =)

also, when i finally come back home, i’ll have a turnaround time of about 1 day. to pack. for college.
since i get to leave for austin the next day, as school starts about 3 days after that.
maybe i’ll drive in the middle of the night, when there are no other cars around, because that’s when i’ll feel most awake.

whatever happens, happens. i’ll tackle everything when the time comes.

in the meantime, after packing and all the stress that it entails, my next challenge/goal is to stay awake as long as possible on the plane to watch as many movies as possible. 5 per leg of the flight seems a reasonable goal (10 total). maybe 6 per for a challenge? we’ll see =)

until next time, over and out.