its so easy to lash out sometimes…and i know i shouldn’t that
i’ll regret it both during and after, but in the moment i just. don’t.

let’s just say i don’t enjoy being taken for granted. i do it with my family, though, so when they do it to me its alright. we’ll call it even, yeah? besides, family relationships are always different.

but if i start feeling it, its just another thing that’ll keep building. and if i’m not given the time to step back and calm down, well, life won’t be happy anymore. because that’s when i choose my words to hurt. i’m not totally heartless, i still keep things toned down because of the regret i’ll eventually feel (if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of my attacks, yeah, it could’ve been worse). but i’m no longer the “keep it all in” person i used to be several years ago. because it’s not worth it.