i don’t check sports.yahoo.com/nba daily anymore. and the season isn’t even over yet. i’m not even looking for news about the spurs, or about this year’s draft prospects.
it used to be one of the sites i automatically opened whenever i turned on my computer. gmail. outlook access. calendar. weather. facebook. yahoo sports.

when did this change occur? how did it occur without my noticing?

it’s scary how much i’ve changed unbeknownst to myself (did i use the word right?). because if that’s the case, then others must have changed so much more, even as i think of them remaining the same… [and this has nothing to do with the philosophical argument that we are “different people” every millisecond]
i guess we just all change together and get used to the changes while they gradually occur…
and then if/when we finally notice, it’s weird, but oh well. that’s life. gotta live with it.

on a completely separate note, i’ve realized that for the most part, i’m not one for 2 people hangouts. i just..don’t know what to do and feel awkward. the only exceptions are for 1on1s, which are usually centered around meals. or walking. walking’s fun =) so usually for hangouts, i try to get at least 3 people (including me)..so there’s always “help” (for all of us – to keep the flow going – ..though i guess not everyone feels the same way)

final random thought of the day: is it because i occasionally blog that i can’t keep a journal consistently? then its like two things to keep up with. but then again i dislike actual journaling because it takes up so much time…

i think i’ve received about 4-5 comments today about my lack of online activity nowadays. TODAY. did everyone decide to discuss this amongst themselves (wow i’m really liking the “st” ending words today) and attack me about it today? weird.
again, its because the computer is boring, it sometimes acts up and annoys me, and i go out a ton more and have more to read at home. and play more. with my parents and sister around, there’s always something to be played. usually mahjong. lots of it =)
and i’m going to asia in a few days, so +13 hours + low possibility of internet = even less internet activity.
consider my current activities a gradual disengagement from my college life of being online 24/7.