when i’m home, i tend to either hermit it up and just hang w/ the family, or go out to eat (and sometimes- rarely- play) with old chums. old, as in people i’ve known from/since high school. although i guess they’re getting old in age as well =P

though a lot of the people i’ve gotten to know at school are from SL, i categorize them as “school” friends and have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality…

or maybe it’s just this particular summer…maybe in previous years i’ve still spent time with various “groups” of friends and i’ve just forgotten doing so in light of this time round…because this time round, i don’t seem to care that i’m not making more of an effort to keep in touch with school friends, not even through initiating somewhat superficial online conversations (consisting of “what’re you up to?” “how’s your week been?” “oh ok.” “gotta go, bye!”)
not really sure what’s going on with me this summer, but if i keep this up, i’m going to have to completely start anew when august 25th rolls around. that, or i’ll just become a superstudent and stay in the apartment to study all day since i’ll have become “that person who i used to talk to” for my peers. (or i can continue as a superslacker and use all my time in the apartment to do who knows what..)

we’ll see.

singapore in 6 days.