time after time over the past year, i’ve told myself “i’ll get it done when i finally have time, when i’m home for the summer.” well….it’s now summer, and has been for about a week (i came home from graduations last monday). i’ll have another..about 2 weeks at home (11 days). all i’ve done so far?

read my sister’s library books.
eat out with family + friends.
start a puzzle.
watch tv.
play minimal rockband.
play minimal cards.

where does all my time go..

then again, its highly unlikely i’ll spend any time i recover on meaningless tasks such as clearing out my mccombs e-mail and re-organizing my bookshelves and drawers (i.e. becoming more organized and neat in all aspects of my life.) when i look around my room, however, these tasks loom threateningly – i have sooooo much stuff it seems near impossible to get everything to fit into my room, which was already pretty stuffed back in high school..

and i don’t have that much time to play…

so i guess these tasks will just have to wait until winter. or..next summer. or when i’ll finally have to stop procrastinating.

in other news, lakers vs celtics (both won their conferences in 6 games, sigh magic). and there are random bug-like creatures all around. its weird, and i don’t like it.