past couple days back in atx have been pretty busy..or rather, the busyness of days simply overwhelms the downtime i get, and as a result i don’t remember having downtime..

i’m finally going home tomorrow! for a day. then i get to come back for a day to wrap things up, because i’ve oh-so-intelligently brought some important stuff back home. good thing good friends are willing to give rides. and that houston and austin aren’t that far apart (comparatively).

i think it finally started to hit me while at stone today..yeah, a lot of people my year go to acc and not stone, but still. going there without the mob of asians, the sea of recognizable faces… it’s different. there’s no loitering, which isn’t a bad thing, honestly, but it’s just..weird. and then knowing that next year, when i come back, our “senior class” will no longer be…. that’s a scary thought. standing during worship, with songs proclaiming God’s power to heal, His willingness to unceasingly chase after us, i just felt a wave of love and gratitude for this stronghold, this being who will always be there, even while our surroundings change and move on without us. i felt like the person in the movie scenes where everything moves around and is a blur around them, but they’re just..there. clear and unmoving. it’s a rather lonely feeling. but God is God, and i just have to keep trusting that He’s got it covered. no problemo.

then again, i am going home tomorrow back to friends and away from this isolated place (my roommates are all gone!) – so maybe i’ll forget this feeling. i hope not, though.

in other news, i’m glad i’m not the only one who goes through the same cycle of “i LOVE GOD!” “wait. i want other stuff…” “[God crushes me]” “i’m sorry! this will never happen again! i DO know the truth!” and back to the beginning.
– obedience in the little, seemingly insignificant stuff is how God brings about His glory in the big stuff
– proclaim what God is doing in your life, not just what He is doing in the world
– while working with passion on His mission, don’t neglect your heart condition