collection of unrelated thoughts..

1. my post from last time is still to be continued

2. i like listening to my itunes music on “random,” but for some reason all the songs that come up make me feel sad/nostalgic. i guess its that time of the year..multiplied some since it’s “senior year”

3. time flies so fast! not only the hours of the day, but weeks and years and mini-eras

4. deleting texts takes a lot of time

5. chain reaction: when things are good, its easy to be content, which makes everything else seem good as well. meaning, everything is good. however, when one thing is less than good, it’s harder to be content and appreciative of the other things around, which makes everything seem lacking. meaning, everything is sub-par. vicious cycle, coincidence, or messy mindgame?

6. i’ll miss what i’ve taken for granted the most: seeing acquaintances around randomly, making small talk with people (not that i’m a big small talker..not that social yet). but the way i see it, for those i’m close to, we’ll keep in touch, no problem. so hopefully there’s not that drastic drop-off (not at the beginning, at least. inevitable drift, maybe? sad but also probably true). but it’s the randomly seeing others around that won’t occur next year (well, with the same bunch of people), which will make it..different.

7. i don’t really have much time to study for my friday exam, since thursday will be taken up by another class..not that i’ll have to study for it, but more like busywork – listening to other groups’ speeches and making one short presentation…i’m gonna chalk it up under “waste of time”

8. i do things for the people, not the things themselves. follower to the max.

9. sometimes, i wish i were a harder person…

10. while on the subject of wishing, i also wish that more of my friends have “words” as their love languages – both giving and receiving

11. i’m working on being content with what God’s blessed me with, and appreciating things as they are, not complaining about what they’re not

12. since i don’t have much time to study, my first instinct is to sleep. so i’ll do that after showering. goodnight.

13. i like hearing ppl’s praises. give me a lot to think about =)