um. where did my post go….
dang it xanga, you try my patience.

so the saying goes “honesty is the best policy”
..but is it really? like..really really?

do people really want to hear ugly truths, truths that may hurt? or is it better to live life somewhat naively – after all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?
and what does “honesty” mean? actively telling truths, or passively not telling lies? is simply not lying what it means to be honest? is it really beneficial to tell others things that may put you in a worse light, if the end results don’t really change? is it beneficial for anyone to give people the real reasons, if the outcomes remain the same?
the truth can hurt, so is it really necessary all the time?
is honesty telling the truth? being honest = being truthful?

God, help me to be content with You, with all the amazingness You have lovingly placed around me. i’m trying, but its still really really hard. i’m greedy and selfish and keep wanting more. Help, please. =)

in other news, SPURS up 2-1!
ā¤ parker + manu + spurs
each game is capable of inciting a heart attack and is mega stressful and potentially painful. but it’s this stress that makes this series so darn exciting. so ultra-fun to watch. that is, of course, only when the end results is a SPURS win šŸ˜‰
i’ve also figured out that i’m the most vocally and outwardly expressive and passionate when i’m by myself and don’t have to watch my actions around others. partly because that’s the public persona i’ve set for myself, but also because what could potentially be rude and jerk-ish around people is..not.. when there’s no one around =)