how should i word this delicately…is there a point in continuing to try if it seems to be futile?

i guess… if you don’t know something for sure, then it’s better to keep trying, right? but if these tries result in negativity and wasted time…then why bother? isn’t it just better to leave it be and move on? at least this way i’d save some time?

actually..where does time go? online chatting will be the death of me. i start convos, keeping up consistently with some and speaking sporadically to others. and before i know it, many hours have gone by. what???

maybe i should give up talking to people online.. but then i’d get cut off from people in general, because i speak to people more online than in person or on the phone. or even by texting. so i can’t give up online chatting… so i need to regulate it. no more than.. one hour at a time?

man this is hard. last i remembered, it was barely past 12am. now, it’s almost 2am…