i’ve relearned my states, capitals, and presidents thanks to sporcle.com =)
i’m also trying to name 200 harry potter characters, but so far i’ve only gotten up to about 180…
so much more fun memorizing these things than school stuff. maybe profs should make learning into a game, like teachers used to do in elementary school…

lady a music is on repeat right now. i’m surprised i haven’t gotten tired of their songs yet.. maybe because they’re THAT good?

i’d never say it out loud, because i think it’s a rather rude and somewhat douche-y thing to say (i think “douche” is a guy term haha but i’m not sure what other word to use).. but if it came down to it, i think deep down, i’d be less sad if a brother or sister in Christ went home to the Lord, as compared to a friend who has yet to believe. because then i know for a fact that i’ll see them again, and that they’ll be in heaven, celebrating to their hearts’ content.
so while i understand when people despair at why God would do such a thing to such a good child of His…
while i think – for the most part – my closer friends are God’s children, and thus logically i should and probably would be more sad if they ever leave this earth before me as compared to less close friends (again, speaking as overall) – right now, when i think about it, my heart would dread it less, i think.

in any case, God, everything begins and ends with You. I trust that You have our interests in mind and will use us however You choose, and i pray that i’ll be willing to be used by You.

God’s the only one i’d willingly let use me without (hopefully) being disgruntled over it =)
because when acquaintances or not so close friends use me… i’m not very happy about it…. just to throw that out there.