i think if i could be blessed with one more gift, i would ask God for the gift of comfort.

as it stands now, i feel like i’m somewhat ok with listening and giving advice (depending on the topic at hand), but when it comes to someone in pain and sadness, i’m at a total loss at what to do. i know a lot of people comfort by touch, but i’m not a big fan of touch, and thus it’d be somewhat awkward. or at least..i would feel awkward. and you know what they say.. it’s only awkward if you think its awkward. so then all i can do is..sit there, blindly searching in my mind for words of advice, except it’s not advice that’s needed, it’s plain old comfort.

is it possible to work at it and do it better?

God, I trust you. You hurt when we hurt, but God, I pray that – even in the midst of Your own pain, because You are so great – You give your comfort and peace to those grieving – because I know that I, for one, despite my hardest efforts, will never be able to offer them the same peace that You can. Thank You for being You. In Jesus’ name, on this Holy Easter Sunday of Resurrection, Amen.