it’s 4:30am early Friday morning. i have a quiz coming up in 4.5 hours, so to do the practical would be to get some sleep first. the scholarly thing to do would be to work on the homework questions and review last week’s notes. the yw thing to do? try to come up with a readable post full of sentences and not ellipses.

it’s nothing new – come to think of it, how much can be new? everything’s just a repeat, a rephrasing of the old. because reinventing the wheel is seriously quite hard.

this past week, i’ve managed to hang out with old friends (old in both senses) =) even though the length of time wasn’t necessarily “whoa,” the thing that matters most is that these are people who would still take time to hang out with me. and these are people i would take time to hang out with.

though i wasn’t exactly a nomad as a kid, i can’t help but think i missed out on growing up with people – you know, like the tv shows and movies where best friends have known each other from their mothers’ wombs and the like? having friends around the neighborhood, with the cliche girl and boy next door?
ok so maybe that hardly ever happens now; i don’t know that many friends who are still thisclose to their friends growing up – everyone has experienced some sort of separation or somewhat abrupt change.
and don’t get me wrong, i had a great childhood. i had fun =) it’s just that friendships from back then differ from those now in such a way that leaves me thinking, “did i have real friends back then?” i’m not sure what to attribute our superquick loss of contact to – maybe because back in the day we didn’t do much “hanging out” unless it was at school functions or birthday parties? it’s not like we drove around and hung out in elementary/middle school, right?
but other than this slight sense of loss and nostalgia when thinking of
the past – i’m just grateful that God has placed people in my lives with whom i can keep in touch, whether scarcely or regularly. i’m grateful that people are still willing to take time out of their schedules to say a few words here and there. did i mention? i’m pretty sure my love language is words. you could buy me everything i want and i’d be really appreciative, but if you write out something personal and heartfelt, i’ll keep it for a good period of time =P and i’ll remember that you said it. my selective memory at work again haha
on the flip side, maybe that’s why words can sometimes hurt so much as well…

it’s already april 2010. the new year seemed just yesterday. i’ve just remembered to write /10 instead of /09. how can it already be april? this is the year i’m supposed to be graduating. it blows my mind – if i had done a regular 4 year program instead of what i’m doing now, i’d be looking for a job in the real world, i’d be getting ready to say goodbye to my home away from home for the past 4 years.
i’ve been here 4 years. i’m still recounting high school memories…. if you ask me, i feel more like a new freshman (though they’ve already been here for almost a whole year!) than a 4th-year senior.
it’ll be strange next year, won’t it? different dynamics, as usual.

then again, it felt crazy when last seniors were graduating, and look where we are now. a whole year has gone by, and last year’s status quo feels like, well, a long time ago. so give me a year, and i’ll get used to the new ways 😉

phantom of the opera, row E, middle seats. amazing. everyone was fantastically talented: the orchestra played music that sounded like it could have been featured in movies, the sets were mesmerizing and shocking when they had to be, the characters.. well let’s just say i disliked the book’s author for making christine choose between the two men. and for making the phantom so evil, and yet so likable. why must you do that… it’s like sweet home alabama, except no one was evil in that one…
deep, strong voices…. haha. i’ll stop there =)
every time i watch a movie or play or anything – i get so caught up afterwards, so easily obsessed.
from x-men to twilight to lady a to phantom…the list just goes on and on, and i don’t think it’ll end anytime soon.

listening to music is ridiculously soothing. why did i ever stop?

if only i put in this much effort to strengthen my relationship with God, the only true constant in this changing world. this much effort to do well in my classes…
i’ve been blessed with so many things, blessings that i, unceasingly, continue to take advantage of and fail to appreciate.

though i keep disappointing, please don’t ever give up on me God is Good Friday – is anyone surprised that rain is forecasted on this day, even as the days surrounding it are bright and sunny?

it’s 5:06am. i guess i should try to get some sleep now.