it’s really interesting how people are willing to share so. much. in their blogs – their dreams and desires, deepest thoughts that they’d never share in public. and yet, isn’t that what a blog is? a way to broadcast your thoughts to the world?

i always thought i was the only one who would say more online than in person (but then again, i feel more comfortable talking to people online than in person generally so this is nothing new) – guess not.

it’s probably the whole mentality want people to know what you’re thinking, without personally sticking it in their face to make them care. or you want to share, but don’t want to burden them specifically? so you just write it and whoever happens to come across it, so be it? or you want to share but are unsure of who to share it with.. haha all these reasons are somewhat less than bright and cheery, but then again so are most of the topics people write about in their blogs.
i mean, if these are things people wanted to keep secret, they’d just keep a personal diary/journal, wouldn’t they? instead of having a public blog?

i dunno…

does this mean we all have split personalities in some fashion? or that we’re all fake in the public eye…