i’m pretty sure i’ve thought about this before, but…

i think for most of the people i know, it’s easier to hurt yourself than to hurt others. not in an emo/suicidal way, but in cases of disappointment or little accidental pains. like the parents who punish by slapping the sibling of the one who misbehaves rather than the person themselves (maybe it doesn’t work so well at first, but eventually the kid feels bad for causing their sibling undeserved pain).
but seriously, i’d rather be hurt than to see my friends suffer – maybe this is the coward’s way out, ironically. after all, it’s easier in a way to be the one in pain than to have to figure out how to comfort someone else – or at least that’s how it seems to me…

so if this is the case, then why don’t i think more about how my sin hurts Jesus?
Halim (at Stone) was talking about how God is fully just and fully merciful all at once, thanks to Jesus and the cross. He is just in showing us mercy in spite of our sins and failures because He sent His son to take on that justice, that punishment.
And yeah, the cross happened many many years ago, but at the same time…. can you imagine it? Every time you sin, I sin, Jesus gets whipped another time, humiliated once again. Maybe there are no immediate consequences to worry about in the moment, but…man.

Then again, I think I need some help in accepting grace as well. But that’s still no reason to forget what Jesus did for us.

Easter Sunday, in a week.