it’s funny how big of a difference one day – or rather, just one night – can make. both in getting me riled up/ annoyed and in soothing this..disappointment. or more accurately, what’s the halfway point to anger? *shrug*

anyway, i was all set yesterday to write a somewhat angry post about a certain situation, or perhaps a certain person who created the situation, but with weather this nice and sunny and friends around – well, anger’s an emotion of yesterday. or at least that’s what it is now haha =)

i guess all i have to say is, if you’re in a bad mood (not that the specific “you” will ever read this), don’t take it out on others, especially those who you don’t know well. it’s one thing to lash out at friends or family who know you may not mean what you’re saying/doing, but its just rude to do it to acquaintances.
and i guess the only reason why i was affected in the first place was because most people i know have had less than positive reactions toward this person, but i’ve always stood up for them just because..i thought i’d understood them – and i mean, we all deserve multiple chances right?
not that this person would know that i’ve ever stood up for them, but i guess that’s beside the point.
but oh wellllll. live and learn. as i enjoy saying, cest la vie.

all i know is, now i’ve got my guard up with this one person, and i don’t think i’d ever attempt small talk with them anytime soon – just what’s necessary – just because yes, i’m that easily offended. sorry.

in other news, yay for friends visiting =)
and weekends.