spring break 2010

i’m such a homebody…no majorly exciting plans, and yet it’s still been a blast. as usual =)
its a lot easier to stay away from my computer when at home, because i can just lounge around and hang out w/ family or read on a couch, while my computer is in a corner somewhere.

a quick recap of sb so far (not necessarily in order): came back, slept a bunch, ate a bunch, some tennis, ddr, rockband, RODEO, potluck/hangout with old friends =), vday (finally), buffets galore (tokyo one, sweetwater country club), library, read kids books =), seeing random people at random places is fun, cards, dentist, bball at home, pseudo mini surprises are fun too haha

it’s really weird. when i was younger (back in those brownsville days), i used to DISLIKE seeing people i knew outside of school. or rather, outside of the normal environment. if i saw friends at the mall, i’d try to hide or walk a different route so they wouldn’t see me, so i wouldn’t have to make eye contact or say hi or whatever.

now it’s fun. it’s like i have a network of people, and it’s just fun to know people. maybe it’s a business mentality… *shrug*

buffets are really bad for me. i know i can’t eat that much, but i want to make the most of my money and eat my fill (or as much as i can), so i keep filling up until i’m somewhat satisfied that i’ve tried to recoup in food what i pay. even if it’s slightly above my comfort level. because buffets aren’t about being comfortable; they’re about bargain prices.

haven’t had as much time for sports and games as i would’ve liked. and it’s almost thursday = the latter half of spring break has arrived! disaster. it’s gone by wayyyyyy too fast. quel sad. (is that how it’s used? *shrug*)
i’m not athletic, but i’m decent enough to have fun playing.. because it’s not fun if you can’t do it at all, despite many assurances by others of the contrary. because, of course, those “others” are the ones who CAN do it, and they always have fun…

random tangent that’s even more random than what i already have: when i type/write, i *shrug* a lot… well ok i think i do it a bunch in real life as well, but that’s beside the point.
i’ve recently noticed that when i see people i know around me, my first action/instinct is to give them a nod. like a guy. or not even just a guy. one of THOSE guys….. the “too cool to wave or speak” guys, who just give a head nod to acknowledge others’ presence.
i’m not sure why i do it…… girls obviously don’t do it.
maybe it’s another instance of how i, unlike others, have yet to grow out of my tomboy ways. except i’m not even a pro athlete type, so i’m like..half half. aiya.

lately, upon coming home, i’ve been going to the library and borrowing kids books =) sometimes i don’t go and just read the stuff my 8 year old sister has borrowed. other times i go and borrow young adults/ teens, even though i’m about 2 years removed from the oldest teenage year. in fact, in about 1.25 hours, i’ll be almost exactly 2 years past those glory days (the time differences throw me off). i’m over the hill!

in support of this assertion: my sister has homework online, so she needs to use the internet now. i exclaimed to my mom that when i was her age (that phrase is only used by old ppl =), i never had to use the internet for hw… in fact, i don’t think i used the internet until.. 6th grade? i played games on computers though =) gizmos and gadgets or something like that.. educational games haha. my fav was encarta 97 or something old like that. those knowledge games. except it required actual useful info, unlike the harry potter quizzes i’ve been taking on sporcle.com >.< but yeah, my mom was like “do you have any idea how long ago that was… nowadays everyone starts using the internet when they’re like..5 or 6!”


speaking of my sister… she’s currently banned me from her room. sigh. i went to look for joy, and was about to walk downstairs to look when i heard them talking in my sister’s room. as i knocked, i heard something about “putting them on her wall”. huh. then, as joy repeatedly told me to go away, my sister crowded me at the door so i couldn’t get in, all the while saying “WHAT DID YOU HEAR?! YOU HEARD! ITS NOT A SURPRISE ANYMORE!”
well… now it isn’t.
haha. i feel like it’d be kinda hard to surprise me, since i’m so cautious/paranoid to begin with… but even so, i also don’t show much…. sorry if my reaction (or lack thereof) disappoints you, little sister =

ok, now back to reading =)