why UT basketball = UT football…

apparently when one side of our team finally shows up, the other disappears.
ie. making FTs comes at the expense of missing FGs. in football, defense saved the day when offense took a vacation, and offense came back to let defense rest. too bad wins don’t translate the same in both sports

why (14) UT vs (1) Kansas = (2) UT vs (1) Alabama…

it wasn’t a championship game, but…
– we started off pretty well (unexpectedly) – jumped to a quick lead, played like we owned the place
refer to: 6-0 start to BCS game

– we then proceeded to get crushed by the stronger opponent, even though it seems like we played pretty hard

– COMEBACK! kinda. it was closer in football though (21-24) than basketball (71-81? i don’t remember, but a couple quick baskets cut KU’s lead down to 10)

– jerk move by the other team: Aldrich decided to give Damion James a head rub upon his 4th foul (wtheck?)
refer to: running up the score in the final seconds of the game
although i don’t mind Bama running up the score as much… what if Texas really scored and staged a comeback? maybe it was unnecessary, but i can still see why it happened. Aldrich..not at all. uncalled for.

– final loss

i wonder how we’ll do post-season.. dark horse competitor? hopefully…