i only blog when i have homework due.
as for journaling…. well, let’s just say it’s been awhile.

i wonder where my thoughts go, when they’re not written down.
i wonder why i think some things, why i act some ways.
i wonder if i blog for the sake of blogging, or write for the sake of writing.
i wonder where my dreams come from, and where they go when not written down.
i wonder why grades don’t motivate me enough as they should.
i wonder why my best intentions never show up when i take action.
i wonder what others think of me, and i wonder why that matters.
i wonder what my future holds – what is my purpose?

and then i realize it doesn’t matter how much i know or don’t know. i just need to live my life day by day, doing my best to show God to those around me. and He’s got my life in His hands.

i wonder why it takes so long for me to realize that life is always good, because of God.