2 weeks left…
well 9 days, to be more exact. since july 3rd = holiday, for july 4th = saturday. did you know that if you work the day before AND after a holiday, you get paid for that day too? so i guess it wasn’t that great that i started the day AFTER memorial day and will end the day BEFORE independence day holiday…

but i still think it’s pretty cool.

the two other interns will begin their last week tomorrow, so i think i’ll be the only one left for my final week.. i’m just starting to get to do more stuff =( which is why i enjoy it now (for the most part). but i still get days like this past friday, when several people were on leave (dunno why), and i finished my part at about 4-4:30ish, leaving me half an hour to do absolutely nothing. hopefully tomorrow’ll be more productive =)

it’s just kinda strange..i’ve been there for 4 weeks (a month) already! crazy.

on saturday morning, an alarm rang at 6am, and i jolted out of bed, thinking it was a weekday and i was late for work. a few minutes later i remembered it was a saturday and went back to sleep for a little more than an hour… these days, the latest i wake up is on sunday, which is quite different from pre-browntown days, as sunday used to be the day i woke up the earliest =)

but yeah. i just remembered a few minutes ago that tomorrow’s monday, which means time to get back to work again. which made me think about how i felt on saturday morning, hence the long-winded post…. haha

hopefully i’ll be able to get to know the ppl around the office more these last couple weeks…
more similarities to singapore office: they like my taste in music! yay