aiya. i fail very much at keeping up with xanga. at least last year i could access xanga at work.. could i access facebook? actually i don’t think so. but i could still get xanga… and update when i was bored or during lunch or whatnot… but this year i can’t =(

and that is my excuse for not updating.
although when i check my subscriptions, there are about 2.5 people updating -_- so i guess i’m not the only one… xanga kinda had a mini revival earlier this year.. i think at one point i was back up to maybe 6 people updating every now and then?

so. boai people are back there… they got there at the beg of this week… and i’ve been jumping at the chance to get updated by anyone about any little thing… as i’ve said before, i really get easily obsessed >.>
yeah it’s strange that i’m not back this summer..but at the same time, hey everything happens for a reason. maybe there’s a reason why i’m not back… hopefully i get to go back sometime in the near future, but if not, it was a great 3 years, and i got to see my 4th graders all the way up to 6th grade. and i heard they’re all scattered, not many in fazhong. good for them =) soooo i should just be grateful for any updates i get and leave it be and focus on my own life instead of trying to be everywhere all at once…….

anywayssss it happened! as of tomorrow afternoon/night, our group of 9 will have dwindled down to 3…
i’ve been driving to and from work since wednesday…
and it’s surprisingly fun =)
i drive myself in an easily manageable car (read: easy to park/maneuver), so i can go as fast (or slow!) as i want, with the radio at a level high enough to be acceptable to my ears! (read: rather loud)
and whenever i don’t like a song or the station is on a commercial break, i can push buttons to my heart’s content, until i finally get a good song.  it makes me kinda sad that speed limit driving means i only have about 20-25 min per trip =( i’d rather go slower (since i’m always about 25-30 min early to work every day), but the people behind me won’t be very happy about that…

work is…the same. i’ve been doing the same thing for 2 weeks straight… so much for rotation. sigh. i thought i would finish it by today, but i ran into some unexpected issues at about 4:30 and there’s still some left for me to do on monday =( hopefully they give me new stuff to do, or there’s not much point in these 6 weeks… i probably should get to know the people better, but i don’t really have much to talk to them about… that’s the thing about having your own cubicle… you don’t really need to reach out of it =
sidenote: i’ve been writing so much that i used up one black gel-ink pen in about 3.5-4.5 work days. and when i asked for another, the person in charge of supplies returned from the store room saying that they only had blue and red -_- what kinda office is this?!
so i went to kmart that night (THEY HAVE A KMART HERE! whatta rarity) and found a pack of ballpint pens for .50 ..except they’re like..unbranded. the papermate ones that usually go at about .50 or .99 in other stores went for about $2 -_- ripoff!

i’ve also been spending less time on tv/online when i’m back home, and more time reading and talking to the people i’m around =) i would spend much longer online, but i’m already at the computer so much at the office that i don’t really see a point…

this place (city/neighborhood) holds so many memories of a fantastic childhood that being back here brings them up again….ahhh the good ol’ days. oh yeah. driving to work = first time i’ve ever driven in brownsville/area! halfway through driving home that first day, i realized i learned to drive in SL haha so it was a strange feeling.
oh. and i’m getting to meet up with old schoolmate chums..and i stalked an old teacher online until i secured her new email address =) kinda creepy, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

WEEKEND! i’ve been looking forward to this all week, but i kinda wanna finish that last bit of what i’ve been working on…and drive to and from work =)