so.. i think i might be a little different

see, when i arrived on monday, i was kinda out of it and felt strange coming back to this place i once lived in six years ago. but i dealt with it. oh and it definitely helped that i was staying with family friends, and that there are people i know around. so for 3.5-4 days, i adapted and got used to the routine:
-wake up ~6:30am
-leave house ~7am
-work 8-5pm, with lunch break from 12-1pm
-get back to house ~5:40pm
-eat dinner ~6:30pm
-sleep between 11-12am

and then… my mom and sister arrived thursday early evening to visit for the weekend…
from thurs – tonight, i’ve been with them pretty much all the time; my sister came to stay for 2 nights, while my mom stayed at another family’s house (and my sis stayed there thurs and tonight)
so we’ve gone out for fri dinner, sat movie, lunch, bookhunting, dinner, sun church, lunch, dinner – with talking and card playing in between =)

but since they’re leaving tomorrow afternoon, it’ll be back to the beginning. sigh. i guess i’ll have 5 weeks to get used to it though haha… it’s strange because seeing them here makes it harder when they leave, as compared to not seeing them at all. just felt a little sad when saying goodbye, but i think i’m ok now..

the lonelier aspect of it:
weekend with 3 families (9 ppl)
tmrw: -2
end of the week: -2, possibly 3
5 more days after that: -1

so at the end of 2 weeks, there’s a chance that our boisterous group of 9 will be reduced to 3 (1 from each family)
..and i might drive to/from work here??

…hopefully i don’t accidentally make a turn and find myself in mexico >.>