wow. i started an entry sometime early last week, but sadly have yet to complete it to my liking…
but today was a sucky day. well, at least from 8:30-11:30ish…
8:30 – went to pluckers; told there would be ~45-60min wait for a 4 person table
9:15 – still standing, watching the spurs fail to score; told there were 4 groups ahead of us and it would prob be another ~45 min wait
10:30 – we are at the top of the list, but nobody wants to leave -_- spurs have now been fluctuating between 10-12pts behind the mavs and the 3rd quarter has ended
oh yeah. manager’s pretty rude.
10:45-11:30 (not sure what the exact time was…) – spurs end their season with a semi-big difference in the final score.. it seems like they gave up towards the end =( also, rockets lose and fail to advance. it’s ok they’ll be on home court next game.

verdict: pluckers stinks and LETS GO DENVER (ugh. i never thought i would ever say that…)
lakers all the way (sorry rockets)

now it’s almost 3… i always end up hating myself whenever i wake up the next day after sleeping way past my “bedtime” haha >.<

on the plus side, i got to see janet+jane’s apartment, and i’m now back on xanga!