wow. so much for missing it…
since coming back, i’ve done absolutely nothing at all.
oh except reverting back to my non-sleeping ways, or to be more exact, nocturnal manners. i’ve slept between 4-7:30am and woken up mostly 12-2pm (except for sunday, when my ride to church called me in front of my house =)

and in between, i’ve played rockband with about 5-6 different sets of people.

since i didn’t play it on friday, i mistakenly thought i might not play it that much this week. i guess its one of those addiction items… away from it, everything’s fine and dandy. but once you start, it can’t be stopped, no matter how you feel about it… started playing on saturday with family/family friends, then all day sunday with friends, and now it’s tuesday morning (well late late late monday night), and all i did today was play rockband too…with friends, then family/familyfriends, then friend =P

oh i’ve also regressed back to my childhood books..they’re so easy to read! and it’s mostly fun stuff – sure, there are some sad moments for the characters, but they always bounce back, and it’s something ridiculous like being extremely smart, or hatching up plans to get something done… not adulthood and all that seriousness (not to say that kids’ problems aren’t serious, but they’re not as… gloomy as adulthood stuff) and even when adult books (er that sounds wrong) but like.. regular fiction novels are happy, they’re not usually kid-happy. i guess i just have diff moods/appetities for types of books…

before i know it, spring break will be over =(