the strangest thing just happened…

tonight, when i went into the restroom, there was only one flip flop….
because we’ve never officially “cleaned” the bathroom floor, i’ve never assumed it to be clean and have always tried to wear flip flops inside – so i have a pair of black old navy ones for use inside the bathroom.  but i went in there, and now there’s only one. the right one. so..where did the left one go?? i’m so confused.  i spent about 2-3 min looking around the bathroom — behind the door, under the toilet, behind the trashcan, inside the vanity mirror (just in case), inside the bathtub, up, down, round and round. and it’s NOT THERE.

i checked around the outside of the bathroom… my printer area, the fridge area… i looked with a flashlight. nothing.

i asked the people who had been in my room previously..and unless they’re not being entirely truthful, they, too, denied all knowledge of it. (and what would they do with ONE slipper anyway?)

so then… where did it go???

maybe i’m going out of my mind and hallucinating, or maybe i accidentally took one out previously and don’t remember where it is????

on the bright side, i’m not sleepy anymore..just very very very confused.

7:45-9:30 filming tomorrow. 9:30-11 class. 12:15-2 lunch. 2-3:30 class.
and then go HOME =)

gotta finish packing, or else i’ll never get any sleep (seeing as all my stuff is on my bed…quite an incentive to finish)