i really ought to be used to this by now, but right when i think it’s over, it just hits me smack in the face =(

i pulled a random all-nighter, in fear of not waking up to go filming at 7:45am this morning. so i just stayed up packing and reading and watching stuff on my comp (himym starts to grow on you after a few episodes…)  and all seemed well, until i went to film… towards the end of presentations, i found myself falling asleep standing up.  it’s such a crazy feeling, too, especially since i tend to lean to the side when i’m drifting off asleep. when i’m sitting, my head usually leans to the left until my body kinda follows.  and apparently, when i’m standing, my whole body leans backwards… because a few seconds after drifting off, i felt myself jerk. as in, for a few seconds, my eyes were closed and leaning backwards, and my body protected itself from danger and thus caused my head to jerk awake.  at least that gave me some adrenaline to stay awake for the rest of the presentations.. man i feel bad for the people up there – i couldn’t stop yawning in between groups = hopefully they (and prof starnes) paid no attention to me and failed to notice my head jerk (i think it’s more often than not only magnified in your own head, so others might see a tiny jerk, but not as big as the one envisioned)

and THEN i couldn’t stop drifting off all during my next class – and that prof is the nicest/most interesting one i have this semester =( i felt horrible because all i did was scribble a little bit, drift off, lean to the left (sorry margaret) jerk awake…. it’s funny, for i remember hearing his voice all this time – i just didn’t really pay attention to the words/meaning i guess even though i thought i was? but i dont’ think i learned anything today. towards the end of class, he showed us some PwC teaching video (so boring!) that was made more exciting (??) through the use of people jumping off a plane or something (like those movie scenes where people are readying themselves to jump and it’s noisy from the rushing wind).  but i couldn’t stay awake at all – i slept in spurts..probably a few seconds. sadly, for one moment when i was awake, i tried looking for the prof to see if he could see me sleeping through the video, but i looked all around that side of the room and couldn’t see him at all.  guess everytime i tried looking, i’d just fall back asleep…  at the end of the video, he stood up from one of the areas i’m sure i scanned -_- my senses are horrible when i’m sleep deprived haha

i have no regular sleeping schedule anymore… either i sleep early and wake up superearly, or i sleep really late and wake up really late.
or i don’t sleep at all…

going home in about… 4 hours? 5?


my sister’s sick =(

and i still can’t find that one flip flop -_-