haha i really should put more effort into marketing…
i foresee myself ending up with a rather low score =

however, in the moment, i really can’t bring myself to care as much as i should, because
1) it’s marketing, not accounting
2) everything’s pretty much based on concepts and not numbers (unlike OM)
3) it’s not as fun/common-sense-ical as management
4) it goes by so fast that i can’t get it on the first go-round, and things i don’t understand frustrate me

when i DO make myself sit down and read the book, however, it’s not as
boring as the accounting/om textbooks, and i can actually finish
chapters in less than an hour… but i still feel like i can’t retain
the details i’ve read, which makes it a bit pointless.
oh and i usually only read (despite my good intentions) the day of the test, so i don’t read that much anyways..

but whatever, none of that matters anymore, because i am declaring
myself officially on SPRING BREAK! except i still have 2 more school
days + 4 more classes to go (cost acct tmrw morning got canceled on
account of our test grades!!) and no homework (mgmt culture paper was
pushed back to after spring break since nobody really knew it was
supposed to be due tmrw).. yesterday was a fantastic day =)
so yes, i still have to show up and take notes and pay attention, but
no homework! until after spring break, when life gets
superduperhectic… maybe i’ll be able to use this time to pack and get
started on some of my upcoming assignments =)

oh yeah. lots of visitors this upcoming week too… no alone time? good thing i’ve got my own room =)