whew. step 1 is doing ok so far… although if i allow myself to think about it, step 1 isn’t anything.. there are still so many steps to go. but as it is, one step at a time, and thank GOD for getting me through this =)  not 100% (5 of 8, 2 pending, 1 rejected) but still better than what i feared (0%/ 0 of 8).. although based on what i heard, pretty much everyone gets invites. but whatever. one at a time.

also, i have a ride home!!! =)
thank God x2 .. He’s been very gracious to me tonight..

now to get through the rest of my schoolwork/studying..
and i’m gonna have to spend spring break working hard (relatively) if i don’t wanna fail the two weeks after sb..

i’ve been sleeping WAY too late the past week…