i liked slumdog millionaire…
even after reading the extra long wiki page recounting the pros and cons, the criticisms, etc.
but then again, i’ve always had a hard time with movies, getting wayy too attached after watching =
and i can’t really tell if i liked it because of the good press/many awards, because everyone else has said it was good, or because i actually liked it.. i don’t have that high a standard for movies, anyways, only really bland ones (or really bad ones.. “kung pow: enter the fist” ugh.) have gotten the slightest criticisms from me

but every time after i go with friends to watch a movie that’s both praised by popular news and by the people i’m with, i’m irrationally obsessed with it, proclaiming its wonderfulness, searching websites (usually wiki has more than enough information to last me awhile), digging into the actors’ histories, etc


i think it’s funny that this is the 2nd movie i’ve seen (and paid for .. union theater doesn’t count) here at UT …this semester. over a span of 2-3 weeks
..considering that before “he’s just not that into you” a few weeks ago (2/20) i had never seen a movie in the theaters here in austin/UT

ahhhh if only my life was guaranteed a happy ending just like in those feel-good movies…
the downs would be so much easier to bear, knowing the outcome

wait.. isn’t that already true with my life?
and..shouldn’t i already have something to proclaim endlessly?
yeah…more stuff i could work on….

late night tonight = goooodnight