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i’m not sure how i feel about what she wrote.  part of me thinks that i can relate too (like the many people who responded that way), but part of me feels like one of the responders, who said that they had the same problem, except flipped. rather than not listening, their friend(s?) didn’t share.

i dunno. maybe i’m just torn because i feel one way about some people and the other way about others.  nevertheless, i don’t want to be cynical, i don’t want to end up not wanting close friends (although maybe if i don’t want it, it’d be easier without it, so i won’t feel the same about it as i currently think i would feel in the future, should that happen..)
and i sincerely hope that nobody i know would ever feel that way, because it would mean that i (along with all the other people that they know) failed as a friend, as an acquaintance who had the potential to be a friend.

in spite of all the current internship/job/school pressures, i think failing as a friend would rank very close to the top of my list of “greatest failures”, ahead of all three of those previously mentioned things… failing in school or in the job field would be pretty embarrassing and saddening, but compared to failing as a person, as a friend… i guess it’s a smaller scale of comparing the good we’re able to do to the good that God’s able to do – in my book at least.