first things first. spring break is coming up in 7 school days! (for me..yay no friday classes). i hope i enjoy rock band as much as i’m thinking i will right now… i’m not a big fan of too-high expectations that don’t pan out..

i finished writing and submitting the Grant Thornton writing sample at approximately 11:45pm last night.  Deadline for midcap/big4 submissions? 11:59pm. 
sigh. and i thought i would be able to finish everything by 1030ish, so i could sleep early and wake up early and feel extra productive.

but nope. i woke up at 730 today! =(
and proceeded to the business school – the reliant center has truly been my second home this semester; i think i spend a few hours in there every other day, if not every day.  but now that i’ve gotten so used to it, i’m starting to slack more… more time on the iTouch, more time watching Friends… less time actually reading and studying and doing homework =
its ok. i still have hope =)

sadly, (as i’ve said before, many many times), there’s a ridiculous trade-off between concentrating on forming/building personal relationships and concentrating on homework/school/studies…. for the most part, i can’t really do both at the same time, unlike..eating and either of the two options… i think i can do “eating” with a lot of other things.. maybe that’s to encourage everyone to eat.. “you can do it anytime (almost)!”
because the time i spend in the reliant, ostensibly studying/being productive, is time i could be sleeping (in relation to my mornings), and the time i spend sleeping is time i could be online, getting to know people and learning more about their days or weeks (in relation to the later hours of the day which i now spend sleeping- generally).  so i feel like i’m missing out on people just because i want to do better in school.
except i’ve always believed that people are more important than school, despite what our “jobs” are as college students – perhaps i’m wrong in assuming so, but people are really a lot more important than grades… it’s just that the world doesn’t seem to think that way yet, and so grades make up one’s GPA, which at least in part determines whether or not we can land good jobs. 

worldly ways, or godly ways?

maybe it’s because i’ve skipped church for the past 4 weeks (mostly for homework/studying, although i guess it could’ve just been an excuse i’ve been using..i dunno..) or maybe i’m just not that motivated/enthusiastic about the fellowship as a whole (why do i sound so cynical =) at the moment, but whenever i hear something along the lines of “what is more important, God or ____ <– insert other option” a little part of me scoffs.
yes, i believe that God is the most important thing there is. or at least i think my head does want to believe that. but haven’t i been trying to live that way (kinda) for the past couple years, putting His people (kinda) before scholastic-related things? i mean, if we all truly believe it, then wouldn’t we just drop what we’re doing and go all out preacher-on-the-street-corners? what’s the point in studying and keeping up with the earthly world if it doesn’t matter in the end?
but then…without our education, we lose that opportunity to reach out to those who are currently around us, getting that same education. the people we can relate to when we enter the same job fields…

opportunity costs?

i’m never satisfied with my own reasoning. probably because it’s lacking. so i conclude with.. “why does life have to be so confusing?”

i should learn to better listen to what God has to say…. or actually, first figure out how He’s trying to tell me stuff (..that would probably work a little better)