it’s been so long since i’ve xanga-ed or journaled… i think my enjoyment of writing has left me in the midst of busyness. it’s just hard balancing schoolwork with life. how do people stay on track, let alone get ahead? there’s so much other stuff going on, be it the world, or friends, or people, or eugh.. recruiting.  no matter what, life just goes on, and hours can go by before you realize it’s the end of yet another day, another week.

it’s almost spring break. and i feel like school just started this semester…. that’s how fast life goes. and if you don’t try to keep up with it, you end up missing out…

how should i balance being less of a pushover but yet not being a jerk?  i see people do it all the time, but personally, it just feels like a foreign concept…  and i don’t know how often or how much i’ve “realized” this, but it takes me a really long time to just let go – if i ever actually do. sigh.

my regular bedtime is now anytime between 1030-1200…. and my wake up time ranges from 5-9
i don’t think i’m gonna make it tomorrow morning =

busy weekend… events + review session + studying + hw + oh yay filling out multiple applications by sunday night to determine the rest of my life!