my two pennies’ worth…

when you say you would like to do something, or that you should do something, then just do it. especially if it’s not one of those far-fetched goals or dreams in life – those you work hard for. little things such as “we should grab some food sometime”… is it that hard? maybe if both parties have extremely busy schedules. but even then, to be sincere about what you say, you would make an effort to try to schedule something in, wouldn’t you? just saying those words ever so often doesn’t really make that much of an impact. it’s getting so that they’re nothing but letters strung together to make words placed side by side coherently to form a sentence. meaning? sorry, not so much. 
but then, that’s just my opinion… sorry if i seem harsh.
it’s tiring apologizing all the time; sometimes i wonder if i actually mean it…

but hey, it’s a semester of change.
-sleep early
-wake up early
-attempt to study/do schoolwork
-branch out a bit more
new addition: stand firm and don’t bend over backwards to accommodate others, including apologizing incessantly over little things + initiating more often than not

huh, i sound harsh now =
<standing firm for now…>