i was supposed to be productive today, but… i wasn’t. well, not in the scholastic sense…
i think, aside from the couple hours wasted in the morning, my day wasn’t that empty…
but sometimes that’s my problem. i’m “productive” in ways that i feel are important, but they can’t really be measured the way studying or doing homework can. rather than spending hours reading, i’d rather spend hours helping people do something, or conversing with others.  but those are the things i should do in my down time, after i finish studying or whatever it is business students are supposed to diligently do (network?)

so my priorities this semester are rather flipped from those of last semester, mainly:
1) God
2) family
3) school
4) people/friends

too bad i’m already reverting back to last semester’s list =(
the only thing i’m currently good at is refusing to go to group events…. except i don’t even do anything productive in that time…
aim and gmail chat will probably be the death of me (the phone doesn’t help much either)… i start talking to people, and a lot of times it ends up in interesting conversations that i enjoy spending time on.  either that, or i feel like i can help someone through conversation, and so i continue to do so, taking time away from the books =

when will i ever learnnnn

on a sidenote.. how many coats of paint, exactly, do walls actually require? jester workers have been painting and repainting all the walls over and over again… in different colors, too.  which they eventually paint over with white..and then another color….etc.  i guess they’ve switched their tactic.. instead of using all our tuition and housing money on a revolving door that doesn’t usually work (ahempclahem) they’ve decided to pretend to continuously work on our dorms …by painting them nonstop….