man. i don’t spend much time on my computer nowadays back home.. which is really weird, since that’s all i seem to do back at school. or even as recent as last summer actually… it’s good though, i’m glad i don’t just stare at it all the time – course, i spend that time staring at the tv, but it’s a change. it’s somewhat of a start haha

sadly, break is soon coming to a close =(
one week before i’m back. bleh. and a whole 4 days before i need to, too! ah well, maybe it’ll get me adjusted quicker… hah. i’ll probably be bored out of my mind there, seeing as most people won’t get back until mlk monday.. ah family.

on the bright side, i have one more week to play at home! =)
mahjong + movies + eating at random places + eating home cooking + new toy! i get addicted quite easily, so i guess it’s good i’ll have 2 months away from it before coming back for spring break…
oh speaking of playing, i think i’m fascinated by board games and old games in general… good ol days of playing games! but it’s only fun when there are lots of people…

ok. one more week!