wowww it is no longer 2008. that’s kinda strange, esp since so much stuff – good and bad – has happened over this past year, making it stretch out to seem like foreverrrrr. and yet the previous new year’s parties seem just yesterday =)

san antonio + san marcos for the past.. 4ish days.. drive up + shopping mall; sea world + movie; san marcos; san marcos; drive + get back in the afternoon

yay for reading!!! and getting cheap jeans + shoes.. cheapish laptop for my mom…  and my sister won a lotta random stuffed animals and the like (course, we had to use a lot of money on that haha >.>).. i needa brush up on my arcade bball skills!
and i wanna go back to d&b..for bball/trivia (tho it’s really hard..) =P/tickets!

finished with eclipse, working on breaking dawn

..and i can’t believe we were so obsessed with starting cranium that we missed the actual new year =P i absolutely fail at humdinger… but at least we still won! =) that’s what happens when all team members stay for the entire game haha.. advantage us.
i think one of the hardest things about the new year is learning to write the 09 part in dates.. for some reason, when i went back to school this past semester, i started writing 06 again for a few papers.. guess i wanted to turn back time, huh? haha.

but yes, this past year has been rather trying at times, and excessively long (which is good, cuz i really don’t want time to fly by any faster than it already is..) it’s been a year of new things, new experiences, new steps, new people, a new way of life, in a way.  and while i’m not sure how i’ve fared, at least i’ve learned that it’s possible to live through =) it’s possible to adapt, to work through it, and to just…yeah.  life’s not impossible.  i must admit though, sometimes it takes more effort than i’d like for me to overcome the bad blood (a lot of it is just in my mind, on my part, because its so easy to hold grudges when i see how easy it is for others to move on, whereas i’m still floating about in the past, but hey guess what. the world doesn’t work that way.) and act normally, as if it’s all good, and has been that way forever. but…i have a bit more time to work through that.. just try harder! haha.
i guess overall i would say 2008 has been a year of new and of change, and since i kinda suck at change, it’s overall bad more than good, but definitely a transition period, to what’s to come, perhaps. hopefully. so….if that’s right, then i’m looking forward (as usual) to what’s to come =)