…for last second winning 3s by mason (ast:parker!)
“on this merry day of christmas, my parker gave to me, one last assist for the great threeeeeee”
…for hanging out and catching up =)
…for going to half price books and buying out the whole store — or a good $40ish worth, after 20% discount — i bought 10 books today!! (including 1 dictionary hahah.. also yay for inside jokes –good memories..for me at least haha) some books were $2 and $3. amazing.
…for getting you’ve got mail (+must love dogs) for $6.99 and the replacements for $5.00 (both originally $9.99) at best buy –> $7.something total since my dad had a $5 coupon!!! =D (both longtime fav movies)
…for cards/posts/msgs/emails of substance — i ❤ looking back on them cuz they evoke warm fuzzy feelings haha ..good to keep on hand to read when feeling a bit down (although must ingrain in head: God’s truth, not ppl’s opinions, matter)

currently reading: eclipse
finished over break so far: playing for pizza, new moon, friday night knitting club
huh..i thought i finished more than that..i’ll have to double check =(